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Quick Tutorial: The Basics of Photoshop

Photoshop is very much like a software giant, helping photographers capture images and then creating textures to enhance their images, allowing them to morph the images into new and different forms. With the advent of cell phones, which have higher pixel density than computers, Photoshop will become increasingly important.

Where Photoshop excels is its ability to rework images into a new and exciting form. One would be hard-pressed to look through an image library today without at least one pic that was enhanced through Photoshop. Photoshop has also become a tool for many web designers, and it’s pretty powerful in using the image you send to convert it to a new layout format, besides being able to make images look strikingly better.

The Basics

Although Photoshop isn’t exactly easy to use, it’s essential for any photographer who uses it. Photoshop is commonly touted as a professional tool, but anyone who knows how to use it can create great images. It is a bit complicated in the beginning because it’s an image program, but like a language, once you learn, you don’t forget it.

Photoshop is a layered program. It makes it easy to edit one part of an image at a time. Every image is divided into layers, which allows different elements of an image to be moved and manipulated. It’s much easier to work in this way than if you had to place your canvas or image into Adobe Illustrator, change things, then place it in Photoshop. If there’s an area of your image that needs enhancement, such as a certain color, or a certain gradient, etc., you can add it, so there’s no need to build up many layers. With Photoshop you can add more and more layers as needed.

It’s important to understand a few basic principles and understand how to move your image around.

The Simple Principle of using a Move Tool

To move your image around, start by selecting the area of the image you want to move, and then click the move tool and drag the outline of the image into place. Move it around just as you would any other image. Don’t worry if your move tool changes width. That’s ok. As you move the image, the scale will be maintained.

*Note: If you want to move the entire image, simply create a new blank layer above the original image, select the appropriate color, and copy it into the new layer. Now you can work with the entire image. This

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However, Photoshop Elements does have its advantages. It’s open source, meaning you have the rights to modify the software as well as giving you more freedom when it comes to distributing and sharing your creations.

Read on for all the details about Photoshop Elements and how it can help you edit your photos, create your own memes, or do all of these tasks and more.

The Importance of Photoshop Elements

If you are looking for the features of Photoshop and the likes of layers, a pixel-accurate image editor, you need to start somewhere and Photoshop Elements is the perfect place to start. The software offers all the features and tools of the pro version and more, including some quite innovative ones.

But, the interface is not only more intuitive. The software also makes it easier to find and use the software’s features.

We give you an overview of the features and tools of Photoshop Elements in this Photoshop Elements review.

Features of Photoshop Elements

You get all the features of the professional version of Photoshop with Photoshop Elements.

In terms of features, you get:

The basic editing tools


Smart Objects


Fades, Grain and Blur

Whole-image adjustments

Refine Edge



Adjustment layers

Gradient layers




Patterns and textures

Conversion tools

Export and printing

Save in a large number of file formats

Enhance and special effects

Animation and effects


Other features

You can use the Photoshop Elements to edit JPEG, GIF and PNG images, as well as BMP files. You can also share your files over social media using the function Share to social media.

Image editing

The most basic use of Photoshop Elements is for editing images.

Add or remove features from images, such as removing the background or changing the brightness, contrast and color. You can also add special effects, such as adding text, removing objects, creating transparency and many more.

If you want to add layers, you can use the Layers panel as you would in the professional version.

Other features you may not use in the professional version include Refine Edge and Adjustments. The Adjustments panel allows you to create adjustments, adjust the color, contrast and black and

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how to fill parent div width & top aligned with the image

how to fill parent div width & top aligned with the image using css


Use position:relative; on the container div and position:absolute; top:0; left:0; on the image.

.image {
position: relative;

.image img {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
left: 0;

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# Profile

We’ve seen how to format both types of profiles;
single segment type and multi-segment type.
At this point, we’re ready to start assembling single-segment profiles.

We’re going to walk through creating a 4-segment profile: User, Customer, PastClient, and Product.

## Creating Single-Segment Profile

We’ll create a single-segment profile to start with.


System Requirements For Download New Brushes For Photoshop:

Windows 7 or newer
Mac OS X 10.7 or newer
Android 2.3 or newer
iOS 7 or newer
Internet Explorer 8 or newer
Google Chrome 20 or newer
Supported Features
The latest version of Tableau on the Mac:
Rename fields: Up to 9 unique field labels, including up to 4 possible labels per field, can be assigned to each field.
Add comment to field: On new and changed records, up to 50 characters can be added to a field, including space, punctuation, numbers

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