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From the creators of the award-winning platformer, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, comes a much-needed fantasy adventure about tolerance and acceptance.
Discover a bizarre world of magic, monsters and hostile creatures, where a banal relationship with an invisible unkind spirit is the norm. Life is easy when you’re invisible, and there’s no problem that cannot be solved with a hug or a spell.
Just as you think you’ve escaped from your lover’s grasp, you realize that you’ve been his prisoner all along. Accept your reality, and embrace the new one. Kingsway is a game about beginnings and endings, relationships, and freedom.
– An exploration and puzzle-driven adventure
– An evocative, coming-of-age tale about love, loss, and the ability to move beyond your problems
– Gameplay that rewards you for improvisation and adaptability
– Challenging, lighthearted puzzle gameplay
– Optional boss encounters
– Optional exploration of different environments
– Beautiful art style featuring hand-drawn animation and original concept art
– Traditional fairy tale characters
– Original score and soundtrack
– Option to disable HD Rumble for enhanced VR immersion
About The Creators:
Yoni Heitkow, Game Design and Director
Born and raised in Israel, Yoni Heitkow always had a passion for storytelling and music. He composed the score for Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared and worked on several projects as a videogame music composer before leaving his position at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, where he primarily worked on the Sony PSP’s sound applications.
Emil Löwengard, Game Design and Director
Emil Löwengard, a self-confessed musical genius, holds a Masters degree in electronic music engineering from London’s Royal College of Music, and has been playing guitar since the age of 10. He has been working as a game director for several years, starting out at small mobile game studio, Swift Games.
Kingsway is the first title from his new company, Rapid Fingers, an independent studio based in Tel Aviv and Berlin.
Twitter: @RapidFingers
Instagram: @RapidFingers
Kingsway on Steam:


ɭ杖战争 Wand Wars: Rise Features Key:

  • You will fall in love with cocos2d-x
  • UIScrollingNode, AnimatedSprite, IntelligentAI, support multi-language, support scale mode and multitouch
  • Create, watch, sleep, dream


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Following in the footsteps of Marco Polo, Colonies and Conquest, the fourth Field of Glory Renaissance Companion, presents the armies and allies of the great civilizations of Asia.
Take on the role of a Portuguese conquistador or Dutch colonist, pushing ever-eastwards, seeking to bring trade and religion to the continent, or command the colorful and unique armies of India, China or Japan, and defend and expand your own empires. With artwork, maps and historical overviews, Colonies and Conquest presents everything you need to wargame the battles and conflicts of Renaissance-era Asia.
Additional features:
• Historical overviews of Asia at the time of the novels, featuring in-depth descriptions of the forces of the great Asian nations.
• Detailed and fully-playable armies for India, China and Japan (Mesoamerica is provided for comparison).
• Total replay value: allow players to replay chapters as either a force of natives or a European challenger
• Scenario editor for creating your own scenarios, campaigns and skirmishes.
• Special art section covering the great battles in Asia.
• Readers also get a fully-playable (and fully historical) Indian army, featuring some of the most famous battles in the history of India.

The year is 1438. The Guizhou province of China has fallen to the Ming Empire, and the Middle Kingdom is now at war with the Kingdom of Vietnam. The armies of China are facing off against the armies of Vietnam across the Three Rivers of Vietnam, Wusong, Hongjiang and Wu, and the chaos in Vietnam has broken out into war on the highlands of Loyang. In the strategic city of Dongkuo, loyalist Mongol General Cao Heng has taken up position in the city fortress. His forces of 8,000 are confronted by a force of ten thousand anti-Mongol rebels near the city of Fushui and the narrow plains between the two. During the night of September 23, the Mongol General Cao Nenbao escapes from his camp and heads for the rear of the enemy lines. The famous cavalry of Jin take advantage of the situation and ride straight through the Mongolian encampments. Defeating the Mongolians on September 24 and 25, the Jin forces are poised to take Fushui. Cao Heng sends 1,000 cavalry, 300 infantry and 10,000 archers to attack the rear. They reach the enemy camp and defeat the tiny body of rebels. Although the rebels immediately flee to


ɭ杖战争 Wand Wars: Rise Free X64

Game “Eximius: Seize the Frontline” Verdict:
“A multifaceted blend of RTS and FPS, Eximius: Seize the Frontline is an intense experience with a sharp focus on clean controls, tight controls, and intense action that makes it stand out from a crowded genre. The result is a surprisingly fun game that has enough in common with RTS to keep fans happy, yet its FPS elements are more apparent and provide a solid base for many play styles.”

Eximus: Seize the Frontline is one of those unusual games that brings together two wildly different genres, in this case a real-time strategy and a first-person shooter. What it lacks in polish it makes up for in ingenuity.Genre: FPS
Platform: PC
Developer: Seize the Frontline
Category: Strategy
Eximus is a first person shooter with a little bit of strategy mixed in. When in the full first person mode the games is pretty good at reminding you of the good parts of shooters without ever getting to the point that it feels like a terrible version of any of them.Full review:

RPGFan’s Rating: 3.5/5 The game has a decent following and the sales are definitely strong. If you’re a strategy gamer, this might be worth a try.

However, it’s really not a game that will really have any long term success over the long haul. There are just too many bugs to stay from being released, and the plot is a fairly simplistic and predictable one. If you liked the Alien vs Predator games, you’ll probably like this. However, you probably won’t end up playing it any more than you would those games. When we think of the ‘alien’ genre, we think of a game in the vein of System Shock. That’s not what Eximus is. However, it does have ideas that could be used to create a better game. I really can’t recommend this one for serious gamers. If you get the chance, get a hold of the demo and decide for yourself. Just remember that Bugs.

PCGamerScores: 70/100
3.5/5 – “In theory, Eximus looks pretty decent, and the ideas are interesting – for instance, the faction system is a blast. However, the game is plagued by frequent, irritating bugs, and more importantly, the pacing is so slow that the game doesn’t reach its potential. The game has the potential to be a truly great


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