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That position at “Wildcats” led to his first big break after DJ Jazzy Jeff and “Good Times” hot spot DJ Eric B. Dilla hired him as a producer and creative director on their respected television show, The Black and White Project. The Emmy-winning HBO show which spotlighted his city of Atlanta was a huge success.

Over the next few years, Zaytoven grew up and became a producer himself – winning several awards for his work. The love and admiration for Atlanta and its musicians were the driving force behind his approach to song-making.

“It was started by Atlanta friends. We just want to make music that represents Atlanta,” Zaytoven said. “We don’t want to sit back and just make the music. We want to make some nice music. I’ve been making music since I was eight years old. I make music because that’s my passion. I feel like God has blessed me with this gift.”

Atlanta native, Future, took to Twitter to speak on the record to claim Zaytoven as the winner of the case. is the best source for up-to-date rap news online! We cover all the hottest hip-hop news stories and rumors from around the web about Reggie Warrington also known as Future. You will find news about his albums, awards, videos, and upcoming concerts in Atlanta, Georgia and


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Indecision is not an option. While others could see the future of online learning in the online space, Kopelman saw it in the face of opportunities as diverse as rocket science and adult diaper sales. Kopelman founded Kopelman Ventures, a holding company he uses to attract some of the most exciting new companies in the digital education space: edSurge, Forter, CourseSmart, Learnvest, LMS For Educators and Lumen Learning. ÂÂ


At the time, Kopelman realized that the digital space was too new to have a reputation for reliability. Even if the technology was sound, it could be built into a clunky, expensive learning management system (LMS) with the wrong features. The winner could teach just about any subject, but be expensive, hard to use and leave teachers high and dry if a flash crash wiped out their digital network.

Kopelman launched a search for an alternative to this clunky, expensive learning management system. ÂÂ

The search was successful. Ten years and hundreds of millions in investment later, today there are several other companies in the space that would have looked miraculous back in the day: edSurge, Forter, CourseSmart, Learnvest, Lumen Learning and LMS For Educators. Most of them now offer a range of LMS solutions designed specifically for education. ÂÂ

Kopelman believes that this range of solutions has created a new era of technology adoption within education, even in the face of an economic downturn. And now Kopelman is leading a new search for the next generation of technology-driven companies to enter the education space.

The first, perhaps obvious, technology that Kopelman sees coming in this next generation of digital learning is mobile learning. The first language course offered on the Web was Spanish. Now, mobile learning is the next big game in online learning. Kopelman calls it the iPad Revolution.  ”The iPad is a portal to the world, a profound shift in the course of humanity,” he says. “The iPad revolution is the next step in the way of

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